Scale Presales to
Grow Revenue Faster

Sales Engineers aren’t demo jockeys! Automate non-technical demos and give Presales
their time back, qualify buyers and shorten sales cycles with Demo Automation.

Brands that love us
(and the feeling is mutual)

Give your buyers a better
experience, not just meetings.

Here’s how Consensus does it:


Create & send demos in minutes

Sales engineers build interactive video demos on Consensus. AEs email demos as links to prospects. “Want a demo? Check your inbox.” Bada boom, bada bang!


Watch & share demos on-demand

Prospects pick what they want to learn about, get a personalized demo on-demand, then share it with their teams. It’s “choose-your-own-adventure” meets “intra-viral”.


Track & discover in real-time

Consensus automatically tracks engagement, finds new stakeholders organically by role and by priority, and gives you and your team insights to make first calls feel a lot like third calls.

Consensus is the G2 Leader of Presales Software.

People are starting to notice.

When should you adopt Consensus?

Use case

With Consensus

Without Consensus

Unqualified demos are too high

Prioritize demo qualified leads (DQL)

50%+ of demos are unqualified. Demo request to delivery lags 2+ weeks

You’re moving down market

Automate a self-guided experience at scale

High touch ≠ high volume. Margins get crushed

Stakeholders take too long to find

Discover them organically with embedded virality

11 stakeholders on average in B2B purchases. Each can derail a deal.

Your sales team is growing

Scale your SES with interactive demos

AEs ramp in 4 months, SES in 2 years. Growth through hiring doesn’t keep up

Our Customer's Favorite Outcomes

Build Better

Reduce unqualified demos by 89%

Shorten Sales

29% faster sales cycles with interactive demos

Close More

Up to 44% lift in close rates

Everything You Need to Outperform

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2022 Sales Engineering Compensation & Workload Report
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7 Immutable Strategies for Scaling Presales
Aragon is predicting the shift to an automated and intelligent approach that we call demo automation

Aragon is predicting the shift to an automated and intelligent approach that we call demo automation