Decide on Demo Type

How Does What You're Showing Help Your Buyer's Journey? And When to Send It?
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Mark Green

You should be involved in preparing and delivering different types of demos for unique buyer needs at different stages of the buying process.

Note that the farther along in the buying process, the more in-depth the demo needs are.

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  • Vision Demo

At the beginning of the buying process, this is a presentation often delivered by Sales, not SEs, that focuses on the value proposition: the solution and benefit

  • Micro Demo

Also at the beginning of the buying process, this is a short demo delivered by SEs that focuses on the product but is very brief and introductory. Sales will often ask, “Hey SE, this prospect has 20 minutes. What can you demo in 20 minutes?”

  • Qualifying and Discovery Demos

SEs usually deliver this demo at the request of a prospect to “learn more”. The problem is that, as with Micro Demos, prospects are often still highly unqualified and these often result in “wasted” demos.

  • Technical Demo

This is where SEs shine. You want your Presales team to spend more time here. These are the highly customized deep-dive demos where SEs are invaluable and earn trusted advisor status with buyers.

  • Closing Demos

These often come as responses to questions at the end of the buying process after the buyer has already decided to purchase but is attempting to de-risk the decision. Do you have an integration with this or that system? How do you handle GDPR? Tell me more about migration of my data to your system?

  • FAQ Demos

FAQ Demos are delivered in response to Sales reps asking, “Can you hop on a quick call to help explain X, Y, or Z?” They often follow after another demo type and can happen anywhere throughout the buying process.

Picking which demo to make depends on where your buyer is feeling the most pain or needs to scale the most. Don’t just pick the easiest, pick the most impactful and your results will start rolling in strong the soonest!

These are the 8 steps your buyers must journey through. Where do they need the most help right now? Pick that demo type to get going.

Download The Definitive Guide to the 6 Demo Types for more information on where and when to use each demo.