Vision Demo: How to Make a Great First Impression with Your ICP

The Vision Demo
How we introduce ourselves can leave a lasting impression, especially when it’s a potential customer asking for a first look at your product.

How we introduce ourselves can leave a lasting impression, especially when it’s a potential customer asking for a first look at your product. Vision demos introduce buyers to the vision of your business and solution. It allows them a glimpse into the future of how things could be after implementation. 

Vision demos introduce customers to your product, but they shouldn’t overload prospects or turn into harbor tour demos. They offer a peek into the product and help buyers identify if your vision aligns with their objectives.

These demos shouldn’t be overly technical and can be delivered by another department other than presales or even be automated.

Introducing the Vision Demo

Customers want Vision demos early in the buying journey also known as the “Need” stage. This is when customers realize their current situation is lacking and they’re really starting to feel the  pain points of their current processes. They need someone to guide them through a new vision for what their life could be like once they have the ideal solution in place. 

This may not sound like any of the demos you’re currently delivering because the traditional definition of a demo doesn’t apply here, and that’s ok. You’re not trying to show the customer all the possibilities your solution delivers. Instead, you’re trying to communicate who you are, what problems you solve, and any benefits they can expect from adopting your solution.

Presales shouldn’t be tasked with delivering this type of demo. When SEs are tasked with Vision demos, it creates bottlenecks and results in teams wasting precious resources delivering repetitive, unqualified demos.  To prevent this, have either a business development rep or a representative from marketing share an automated demo customers can watch on demand or a short video from your website.

Where Vision Demos Fit in Your Sales Model

Vision Demos are the first step to creating a buying process that improves the customer experience while scaling your existing teams and assets. This is where sales enablement tools can really help speed up your sales process and reduce demo lag time.

What are buyers thinking at this stage? Buyers are assessing what options they have to solve their problems. They are looking for content that demonstrates whether or not your solution will be useful to them and how their life will be different once your solution has been implemented. 

What should you deliver? Focus on the problems you solve, how your solution resolves those problems, and the benefits buyers can expect from using your solution. 

Where does it fit in your sales model? This type of demo should be used early on as a way to qualify leads before they get any sort of live or product demo from a demo engineer. 

Should you Automate it? Yes! These demos are repetitive and are most helpful to customers when they are watchable on demand. Consider using demo creation software or intelligent demo automation to remove the burden from sales and presales teams.   

Check out the Definitive Guide to the Six Demo Types for a complete map for scaling presales and adopting these demo types into your sales methodology. 

Consensus is Intelligent Demo Automation that scales your presales function.
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