2023 Workload & Compensation Report

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John Cook takes us through the 2023 iteration of the Compensation and Workload Report.


  • Erratum:  We would like to apologize for some incorrect data in the draft of the 2023 Sales Engineering Compensation & Workload Report presented at DemoFest.  The errors have been corrected in the published 2023 Sales Engineering Compensation & Workload Report.  We apologize for any confusion.”
    • About the Sample: Years of Experience
      • Total sample is 999.
    • About the Sample: Number of Solutions
      • ICs support 6-7 products/solutions on average.
  • OTE at a Glance
    • ICs in US have minimum OTE of $51,500
    • Leaders in Australia have maximum OTE of $480,000

About the Presenter

John Cook

Director of Demand Generation Consensus

John is the Director of Communications at Consensus. For the past three years, he’s been searching out the brightest thought leaders in the Presales space, conducting original research, and generally making a nuisance of himself. He’s the author of the Sales Engineering Compensation & Workload Study.

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