A blueprint for SE 1:1s

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1:1 meetings are valuable time for you and your reports. Too valuable to leave to chance; yet that’s what many leaders do.

In this session, I’ll share a structure that I’ve used across multiple roles and companies, along with the thinking behind it.

You can either steal my structure, or use the same principles to construct a framework that makes sense to you and your organisation.

Just don’t leave it to chance!

About the Presenter

Malcolm Murphy

Sales Engineering Director Mimecast

Malcolm’s first Sales Engineering management role came despite him explicitly stating in the interview that he didn’t want to be a manager!  However, he realised that the universe was telling him something, so decided to embrace it.  Since then, he has run sales engineering teams large and small for Fortune 500 companies, pre IPO startups, and some in between (both private and public).  In every case, it has been his mission to both increase the contribution that sales engineering makes to the company, and to positively affect the careers of his team members.