Sales or Engineer? Play to your strengths!

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While there’s always a balance in a Pre-Sales role, some of us are naturally more Sales or more Engineer! We’ll talk about how we make it work; how do you leverage your own strengths to make you the best PreSales person you can be to help close deals! Because of the unique nature of the Pre-Sales role, we must have both sides of this coin, but understanding your own preference will allow you to leverage your strengths to their full benefit.

I have seen dozens of Sales Engineers’ careers and methodologies on calls internally and externally; and whether you’re an individual contributor or a leader looking to understand the makeup of your team(s), we’ll look at how this can change and adapt with the situation, whether on a scoping call with a prospect, or internally, perhaps with a team effort focused on process improvement.

About the Presenter

Duston Littlefield

NA Director & GPL, Pre-Sales Sovos Compliance LLC

I stumbled into Pre-Sales from Marketing (as a BDR) almost six years ago, and haven’t looked back once! I transitioned from being an individual contributor to team leader several years ago.
I’m a graduate of the Sales Engineering Leadership Institute (SELI) Black Belt Workshop; completed in March of 2022, and as of July 2022 am now a leader of SE leaders, helping our customers globally Solve Tax For Good.

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