The Art of Selling Without Showing

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Presales is the process of demonstrating the capabilities and value of a product or service to potential customers before a sale is made.  While a demo can be an effective way to showcase this, it is not the only way to achieve a world class Presales experience.  Through storytelling, effective discovery, case studies, customer references, and metrics to build trust, empathy, alignment and vision alignment to WIN the deal.  Without ever showing your product.  Think it is not possible?  It can be!

About the Presenter

Sara Jones

Global VP Presales Zendesk

Sara joined Zendesk in late 2021 as Global VP for Presales, after a 24 year career with SAP.  While at SAP she fine tuned her skills as a Presales Individual Contributor for 9 years and then moved into leadership, gaining experience in all market segments, across multiple industries and different lines of business.  She also led a 3 year transformational assignment in China.

Sara is passionate about the Presales role and elevating the brand within the Tech world.

Sara is a member of Chief and the Presales Leadership Collective.
Keynote speaker at Global Women in Stem Conference (2022)
Keynote speaker at Zendesk Atlanta Connect (2022)

Married for many years to Owen (a fellow Brit). British by birth, American by choice (citizenship in 2004).  Mum of 2 brilliant children: 17 year old Isabelle (Senior) who is heading off to University of Arizona and 15 year old Oliver (Freshman) who is a Soccer wiz.The whole family are avid Atlanta United supporters and Sara is a huge Wonder Woman fan.

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