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“Customers have spent hundreds of hours viewing interactive demos on Consensus between meetings. That’s time influencing buyers we never had before. ”

Dennis Belavich

Global Head Value Solutions Consulting, Coupa

It takes less than 1 hour to create an interactive demo on Consensus

Step 1

Know which demos your buyers need to make a decision, and which you can automate.

Step 2

Use content on hand or record something new on the platform. Be authentic and get 3X more engagement. Think Youtube, not Hollywood.

Step 3

Consensus takes care of the rest.

Interactive Video Demo Capabilities

Demo Creator

Single Video Demo
A straightforward single video you can leave open for anyone to view or restrict access based on a target audience.
Standard Personalized Demo
Starts by asking about priorities, then personalizes each demo experience with videos and documents based on their unique interests.
Advanced Branching Demo
Advanced demos including branching questions (such as role or vertical) which trigger a different demo based on how the viewer responds to the question.


A branded personalized landing page for a specific customer account or individual recipient from which they launch their digital demo experiences.


A Demolytics dashboard designed just for your champion so they can see when and how their colleages engage with the demo they shared.

Demo Library

A tool within the Consensus platform where users can organize, retrieve, and subscribe to all the demos built for their team.

Public Demo Links

Public Demo Links are primarily used by marketing to embed sales engineering demos on a website, share demos in social channels, or as a lead form to access content.

Screen Recorder

The easiest way to record video clips is with Screen Recorder, which automatically captures video and audio, with basic tools to edit. Combine those for Advanced Branching Demos or use them individually for Single Demos.

Demo Player

Serves up the digital demo experience on any browser, including all mobile devices, making it easy to quickly access digital demos and paired content.

SNAP Plugin

Consensus SNAP™ is a Chrome extension plugin which lets you record instant single-video demos. Helpful for creating a library of FAQ demos or walking prospects through a pricing proposal or ROI calculator.

Merge Links

Automate creating custom links for prospects, instead of doing it manually. Embedded merge links into email templates and share broadly to as many people as you want (DemoBoards en masse).

Content Mapping

Pair supporting content for any video section, which viewers can download directly from the digital demo they’re viewing.

Interactive & On-Demand

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