The perfect formula for successful demo videos: Intention, Execution, and Authenticity

If you are a current user of a video automation platform or, are considering adding a platform to deliver a better buying experience, you need to attend this webinar. Consensus and 2Win have teamed up to illustrate the perfect formula for successful demo videos. In this webinar you’ll learn:
  • Why intention superscedes your video production, message and execution
  • Where in the demo cycle you can use pre-recorded video to accelerate your technical win
  • Simple yet elegant execution of building your pre-recorded demo video
  • Why authenticity and speed are more important than perfections and production
  • Call to Action: The importance of guiding the buyer to their next step

About the Presenter

Bob Riefstahl

Robert (Bob) Riefstahl is the Founding Partner at 2Win! Global. His firm is the worldwide leader in providing PreSales soft-skills Discovery, Demo, Storytelling and Winning with Executives programmatic training to technology companies. He is the author of “Demonstrating To Win!” and co-author of “Rule of 24” and dozens of blogs, webinars and podcasts. 2Win’s clients include Microsoft,, Infor, SAP, Adobe, and over 60% of the top 500 software companies globally.

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