Using Interactive Demos on G2 Profiles

Interactive Demo on G2 Watch a demo
Use your automated demos where your buyers are already researching social proof – on your G2 product profile.

Social proof is king when convincing potential customers you’re the right decision for them. So, if you’re not including an automated demo or interactive product tour on your review page, you’re missing out on easy leads.  

Every day, people visit G2 for authentic and trusted reviews of software. If they like what they see, their natural next step is wanting a demo of your product.

So, it was a no-brainer for Consensus to partner with G2 to create a streamlined way for sales and marketing teams to utilize their automated demos where buyers were already researching social proof.

Since we launched this integration, G2 has seen interactive demos getting 2-3x better engagement on profile pages than other media. Interactive demos enable you to highlight your product’s critical features via interactive video demos or a product tour embedded directly on your product profile.

Why Use Interactive Demos? 

The two things buyers trust most when it comes to selling are demos and social proof. Like the old commercial, having an intelligent automated demo embedded in your profile is like getting chocolate in your peanut butter. 

Two great things coming together to make something phenomenal.

Now, potential buyers can further their research without waiting for your teams to contact them.   

Having intelligent automated demos on your profile: 

  • Provides customers with a tailored demo experience on demand
  • Highlights your product’s key benefits
  • Generates new leads directly from your G2 page
  • Enriches your lead health with Demo Qualified Leads

Types of Demos Available on G2

Because no two products are exactly alike, there are a couple of ways you can share your product on your G2 profile: Interactive Demos and Custom Profile CTA Buttons. 

The Interactive Demos lets customers get a feel for your platform without requiring you to set up and maintain a sandbox environment.  

Custom Profile CTA Buttons link a full SaaS product demo video to the call-to-action button on your profile. 

Interactive Demos

Adding an Interactive Demo enables you to highlight your product’s key features via a self-guided tour embedded directly on your G2 product profile. These demos provide a click through demo experience that gives your potential buyers a taste of how your product works.

When potential buyers navigate to the Media section of your G2 product profile, they can select Try demo. The interactive product demo will appear within a lightbox inline with the G2 experience, allowing buyers to explore your software.

Custom Profile CTA Buttons

If you’d like to include an automated demo from your demo library, you can create a custom CTA directly linking to your demo. The CTA button embeds a direct link to a customized demo for G2 customers to watch anytime. The button label is also customizable, so you can use whatever CTA fits best with your brand. 

The Custom CTA button appears with your custom text at the top-right of your G2 product profile page. This option directs buyers to any webpage in a new tab on the browser, not inline as a popup on the page like the Interactive Demo.

Best Practices and Recommendations

Not sure how to get started? We recommend the following best practices:

  • Create a custom demo tailored and personalized for your G2 Audience. See an example here:
  • Create a generic Mail Merge Link for the demo, where the viewer will first be presented with the MM Form. The benefit of using an MM link is that if several people from the same Org watch the Demo on your profile, they could all be combined within one DemoBoard! 

*NOTE: If you are a customer who has access to Marketing Accelerator, you can also use public marketing links on G2

  • Add your Consensus Demo URL as both an “interactive demo” on your page that can open up on the page AND as a custom CTA to ensure maximum visibility.
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