Using Automated Demos as Part of Product-led Growth Strategy to Reduce Friction in the Buyer’s Journey

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The Challenge

Removing Friction from the Buyer’s Journey

As a Product-led Growth company, Atlassian was concerned about making the buyer’s journey a simple and painless experience. They knew their customers wanted to educate themselves on their products, experience the solutions, and make purchases themselves. They wanted their website to be a more powerful tool for website conversion and for shortening the time that an online inquiry could turn into revenue. This was especially true of their Jira Service Management solution, which helps teams manage service requests and meet SLAs

“We wanted to give both self-service customers and high-touch customers a positive purchasing experience that streamlined their decision making process. We wanted a tool that would let them choose the features they wanted to learn more about, give them a deeper dive into those features, and then let them see what the tools look like in real world scenarios.”
Ken Connally
Head of Technical Product Marketing

The Solution

Unlocking the Demo for Instant Buyer Access

Ken and his team worked with presales specialists to create an effective overview demo that could go on the Jira Service Management website in place of a “Request a Demo” button or YouTube video. They added Consensus Tours to their demo to allow buyers to get a feel for the product after watching the interactive video. This on-demand demo experience contained a lead gate that would alert internal stakeholders when a web inquiry watched the demo. Sales reps and others would then reach out to high-touch accounts while other customers would be able to purchase JSM on their own through the demo CTA or other website touchpoints.

Our North Star was to give buyers a consistent, flexible experience that matched what they want to see in our product. We felt Consensus best embodied that mentality and was an ideal partner for helping our customers get a demo experience they could personalize to their exact needs.”
Ken Connally
Head of Technical Product Marketing

The Results

Product led Leads

Atlassian saw a spike of 486 demo qualified leads (DQLs) per week from giving their buyers earlier and easier access to their JSM product. According to Ken, they receive on average 90 clicks on their demo CTA daily, with an additional 90 leads over weekends. This influx of leads has boosted the performance of both self-service and high-touch accounts that express interest in their JSM product.

“The demo is a top performing asset. It consistently converts quality leads and helps our team understand which features are trending and what buyers generally think when they come in contact with our product.”
Ken Connally
Head of Technical Product Marketing
Deeper, More Meaningful Sales Conversations

Giving buyers access to product demos on the JSM website has helped Atlassian buyers educate
themselves and come to live calls ready to talk specifics. Atlassian sees an average view time of six
minutes on their overview demo and 13 minutes on deeper dives which shows their buyers are
willing to learn about features and add-ons when they are readily available. The data available in
Consensus has helped Ken’s team partner better with sales to qualify deals and empower reps to
have conversations centered around buyer concerns and how they can solve them better

“We have always been of a mindset that software is bought and not sold. The ability to guide our customers through the buying process more efficiently has been a boost to our team and how we partner both internally and with our customers.”
Ken Connally
Head of Technical Product Marketing
Scaling Presales Across Top of Funnel Activity

Using Consensus Interactive Video Demos and Tours has given Atlassian’s presales team the advantage of scale by automating 110 overview demos per month, on average. Marketing and sales use demos to prime buyers for live calls and save sales engineers an average of 55 hours per month by letting buyers educate and qualify themselves by viewing demos and clicking Tours pages.

“When you look at the time savings demo automation has brought to both buyers and sellers you see how much better the experience is. It accelerates the first phone call because both parties know what to discuss and align it to the buyer s goals and preferred outcomes.”
Ken Connally
Head of Technical Product Marketing

Key Takeaways

  • Placing a “See a Demo” CTA on your website converts at a higher rate than any other asset you can offer buyers
  • Effective Buyer Enablement strategy aligns marketing, sales, and presales content to deliver the best buying experience
  • Companies who use demo automation scale their presales teams across the entire funnel
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