How Trintech reduced unqualified demos by 89% with Consensus


reduction in unqualified demos


day reduction in demo delivery lag time


of tasks automated

The Company

Trintech is already a leading provider of financial close software, and they continue to grow. They serve over 3,500 mid-sized companies and large enterprises across 100+ countries, including most of the Fortune 100.

Their solutions help streamline high-volume transactions and GL account reconciliation, manage journal entry processes, speed up month-end closes, and ensure teams meet regulatory and other compliance requirements.

The Challenge

Growth put pressure on teams to accommodate a surge in demo requests and Presales consultations. Like many of our customers, they couldn’t grow their teams fast enough—AEs take 3-4 months to onboard while Pesales personnel might take over a year. They were just always onboarding someone.

Lag time between demo request and demo delivery had reached 14 days, and demos to unqualified prospects reached as high as 50%, leaving little time for strategic consulting with real buyers. That was the tipping point.

The Solution

Trintech’s presales leaders initially implemented Consensus across their enterprise segment to facilitate a better buying experience and to speed up sales cycle times for their most complex deals.

They first digitized all overview demos, which are sent before live demos. The 14-day lag time fell instantly to near zero, and demos to unqualified prospects dropped by 89%.

The digital demo experience completely transformed their first call dynamics—buyers were better qualified and confident to move forward, Presales was more consultative, Sales uncovered stakeholders they previously didn’t know existed.

Trintech now requires all buyers to view a Consensus demo before any live interaction, and nearly 85% of what was previously done in only live meetings is now delivered through a digital experience.

“Consensus continues to be the biggest game changer for us!”
Rob Dean | Presales Director EMEA

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