Helping One SE Support
Nearly 100 Sales Reps

Company Information
Company size:
Presales team:
AE:SE Ratio:
Avg. Sales Cycle:
60 days
Implementation Timeline:
Two Months


reduction in live intro demos


Hours of Demos Viewed


Presales Capacity Gained


Reduction in Unqualified Demos


Faster Sales Cycles

1 week

Eliminated Demo Lag Time

The Challenge

G&A Partners’ revenue team hit a breaking point when they noticed deals losing momentum during their busy seasons. Opportunities would stop progressing because buyers could not get product demos in the time they needed them. This was intensified since  G&A’s lone sales engineer supported the entire sales team, buyers had to wait up to two weeks to get an intro demo of the solution. This caused frustrations for both buyers and sellers, as buyers waited long stretches to see what they were promised while sellers watched deals slip into the next month or quarter.

“Momentum is key to closing complex sales. And every fourth quarter was just getting harder as we got bigger. We’d be trying to close deals but unable to because the demo calendar was booked out two weeks, or more.”
Haden Roberts
Sr. Business Advisor/Team Lead

Ruben Luna, G&A’s sales engineer also felt frustration at being brought into unqualified demo meetings instead of being able to focus on making an impact on revenue production.

“The team needed me to focus on later stage deals, but I was always being pulled into intro demos where the prospect really just wanted to see how the product looked and acted on the most basic levels.”
Robert Luna
Sales Engineer

The Solution

G&A Partners implemented Consensus to remove intro demos from Ruben’s plate through automation and allow him to focus his energy on making an impact on later stage deals. Sales reps began sending demos upon request instead of having to wait for the SE calendar to open up for customers to see the product earlier in their buyer’s journey.

“It was a game changer that totally altered timelines. Being able to show our technology in a succinct format gave our buyers a better experience and added legitimacy to our offering and organization as a whole.”
Haden Roberts
Sr. Business Advisor/Team Lead


Because of the extreme AE:SE ratio Ruben was supporting, he accessed Consensus before his sales counterparts to create the content and set up the demo library in an intuitive way that would facilitate the demo sharing process. Content creation and setup took approximately six weeks, at which time Consensus reps trained the G&A sales team on best practices for sending demos and engaging buyers throughout the sales cycle.

“I turned into a coach for the sales team, showing them situations where it’s best to use Consensus instead of bringing a potentially under qualified prospect to a live demo. Once they understood how automating demos would help them hit their goals, they saw me as an advisor on how to show buyers what they wanted without having to wait.”
Ruben Luna
Sales Engineer

The Results

Helping One SE Support 90 Sales Reps

G&A used Consensus to add more than 25% SE capacity to their revenue team. Automating intro demos removed more than 445 hours of demo time from Ruben’s workload and empowered him to help push deals across the finish line. Demo automation gives G&A customers access to Ruben’s expertise on demand, which reduced the number of required live intro demos by 50% while also eliminating more than 60% of unqualified demos.

“We work smarter, not harder. Consensus allows prospects to qualify themselves for live conversations where we can talk about solution specifics and answer their questions. If a prospect is not willing to watch the demo we send them, we take that as a signal they are not ready to buy, and we’re able to move on faster.”
Robert Luna
Sales Engineer

More At-bats and Faster Wins

G&A has reduced their sales cycle by 23% using intelligent demo automation. Sending automated demos on demand has eliminated the 1-2 week lag time customers previously experienced, giving them a faster path to viewing a product and a more delightful buying experience they can share with their buying teams. One unexpected benefit G&A sales leaders saw was their reps get more opportunities and keep more opportunities alive because they can be more sensitive to client needs and more responsive to questions and objections.

“I include a demo in every proposal I send. I think Consensus gives us more at-bats and better chances at winning deals that would normally lag moving to the next phase. We are getting more seats at the table and seeing deals accelerate through the pipeline.
Haden Roberts
Sr. Business Advisor/Team Lead

Roberts and his team also noted that using demos has given directional support to help reps manage pipeline and stay on top of deals, especially during their peak selling periods.

Key Takeaways

  • Demo automation can scale your presales team to support larger AE:SE ratios
  • Buyers respond better to sales teams when they see the product earlier in the sales cycles and educate themselves on features
  • Sending demos before live calls helps build deal momentum
  • Companies who leverage intelligent demo automation platforms win more and win faster
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