All the World’s a Stage: Shakespeare and the Art of the Demo

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Learn the ways of the Immortal Bard, William Shakespeare, and how his techniques perfected over hundreds of years ago can drive your speaking skills and presentation abilities to new heights! In this talk you will learn how to weave the lessons of live theater into your demo and business meetings. You will gain valuable insight into what your audiences crave, and obtain exciting new techniques to add panache to your presentations.

About the Presenter

Brandon McGir

Sr. Manager, Sales Engineering Splunk

Brandon McGirr is a Sales Engineering Director at Splunk, responsible for helping Strategic Customers unlock the full value of their data using Splunk. With over a 12 years of Sales Engineering experience he is passionate about enabling others to grow their careers in this life-changing industry. When not enabling his teams to meet their sales goals he spends his time mentoring others in their personal development. Prior to his time at Splunk he worked at Oracle for their Fusion Cloud Products and also spent time as a software developer. He has his MBA from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and his Computer Science degree from the University of Notre Dame.

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