Experience a Consensus Demo & See How Client’s Scale Presales

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Experience a Consensus Demo & See How Client’s Scale Presales with Brian Oehling & Laura Krebs of SAP, plus Garin Hess, CEO of Consensus & Rex Galbraith, SVP of Sales at Consensus

About the Presenters

Brian Oehling

Global Head Presales, SMB SAP Concur

“Brian heads a global organization of high-performance Presales resources specializing in Solutions Consulting, Security/Technical Consulting, and Digital Presales to drive SAP Concur’s sales funnel. Bringing over 20 years of innovation experience and leadership to his role with 15 years in Presales, he has led several enterprise and small to medium sized organizations. His passion for digital transformation, buyer enablement, Sales/Presales, his customers, and the professional development of his team to drive real customer value are what drives him daily. Brian’s organization at SAP Concur has successfully created, developed, and implemented buyer enablement best practices delivering real value across their buyer and seller stakeholders.

Laura Krebs

Global Digital Presales Director SAP Concur

Laura Krebs and her Progressive Selling Motion team of Digital Consultants help sales and presales accelerate deals and increase engagement in the sales funnel by leveraging and rolling out new digital tools, creating fresh and relevant customer-facing content, which enables scale within our existing selling process, and the process of the future. She leads much of the Digital Transformation initiative and investment in her Progressive Selling Motion team are a critical part of SAP Concur’s strategy to rapidly increase scale and growth in our business within 2022 and beyond. Laura brings over 9 years of Sales and 7 years of Presales experience within both enterprise and small to medium sized businesses into her role. Her passion for digital transformation, presales innovation, and delivering the best customer experience are what drive her and her team daily.

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