Anatomy of a Presales Community – a Preview of the DEMOFEST Community

Join us on Tuesday, January 31st @ 9am MT

Looking for a secret weapon that will help you stand out amongst your peers? Searching for others who understand the impact you have and can help champion the skill set you to bring to the table? Or perhaps you’ve been looking for a space to network and learn with others in your profession? Join us on January 31st as we deep dive into the brand new Presales Community created for Presales professionals just like you. Fresh content, networking and thought leadership right at your fingertips, plus exclusive access to events and more. Did we mention it’s FREE to join?

Tune in to hear how:

  • Virtual events bring thought leadership right to your fingertips
  • In-person networking events bring presales to your backyard
  • We’ve created tailored, community spaces dedicated to empowering Presales professional


Ready to connect with your peers and so much more? Join us now!


About the Presenter

Manny Corlew

Manny Corlew is a community connection expert. Having found this ability while working for a summer camp, Manny has experience bringing together individuals with diverse backgrounds, inspiring people to perform at their best, and coaxing individuals out of their comfort zones.  This naturally led him down a pathway to community management.
With people-focused values, he has a natural eye for creating spaces where no one is overlooked and relationships generate tangible results.
With a love for travel, Manny finds communities wherever he goes since he lives by the philosophy “there are no strangers just new friends. He’s driven by the collective win over personal accolades. Manny takes pride in being an authentic leader who strives to elevate those around him.

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