Storytelling Without The Fluff: How to sell more, without sounding like marketing

Most prospects don’t want to be told stories. When they hear the term “storyteller,” they often think of someone who uses vague and fluffy language, talks too much, and never gets to the point.

In this session, Rew Dickinson will show you how to do the opposite of being vague and fluffy. He’ll show you how to use storytelling to get to the point faster so that your prospect makes a decision faster.

First, he’ll break down storytelling, including the psychology behind it and why it’s important. Then, he’ll show you how to craft your own stories that you can use in sales meetings (not marketing whitepapers). Tune in to learn how to talk less and get your prospect talking more!

About the Presenter

Rew Dickinson

Rew Dickinson is the CEO of Alpha Presales, a training company that helps sales engineers go from being geeks to being confident client leaders. Rew has done Engineering, PS, Sales Engineering, and Sales. He believes that sales engineers are the secret weapon to enterprise sales.

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