Technical Storytelling to Influence Action

Join us on Thursday, June 29, 2023 @ 9am MT 

You wouldn’t read Nightmare on Elm Street to a kid before bedtime: it’s too gory, too scary and frankly inappropriate. But how often do we do that to our customers and decision makers? We tell the wrong story, in the wrong way to the wrong person.

In this session we’ll investigate how you tell the right story, in the right way to the right audience. In the tech world we sometimes need to tell deep tech stories, we sometimes need to tell high level business outcome stories, but we always need to tell engaging stories.

We’ll cover some awesome techniques that help you engage, energise and influence the people that matter to you.

About the Presenter

Ben Pearce | Founder @ Elevated You

Ben Pearce

Ben Pearce is a coach, trainer, keynote speaker, creator and founder of Elevated You. He spent 20 years at Microsoft, 10 years as a deep technical consultant and 10 years leading high performing teams. He’s a regular voice in the community, contributes a bucket load of great content and created the popular Technical Storytelling course and community.