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Want Presales to grow in status and recognition? You’ve got a friend in Demo Engineering.

Colm Daly

Senior Director, DemoX, Pegasystems

Colm Daly DEMOFEST 2022 Speaker

We know the role of the presales sales engineer is evolving from nerdy sidekick of the account executive towards a trusted advisor to the client; from a second-class citizen to a peer of Sales, focused on storytelling, solutioning, and demonstrating business value. At the same time the pandemic has accelerated a trend towards digital selling and instant availability of demos online, eating away at the traditional function of the sales engineer. That’s where a “demo experience” team becomes crucial in helping presales to cross the chasm during this period of disruption. The DemoX (Demo eXperience) team at Pega has been evolving over the last 10 years. Initially, we enabled our company to scale the presales function, growing revenue and cutting costs of sale. More recently, we are enabling a transformation of the sales engineering role itself at Pega. Now, the team reports directly to the CTO, sitting at the heart of product messaging and strategy, working directly with stakeholders in Marketing, Product, and Sales Engineering.

Join Colm Daly, global head of the DemoX team at Pega, to hear about that journey: what we’ve learned along the way, how it benefits presales practitioners, and how you can advocate for this function within your own organization.