Why Entrepreneurial Skills Matter in Pre-Sales

An evaluation of presales as a whole and how ICs and leaders can advance their careers by thinking like an entrepreneur. We will map out the key qualities of an entrepreneur to the various functions of a Pre-Sales professional and talk about how to elevate your experience.

About the Presenter

Shruti Kapoor, Founder-CEO of Wingman, smiling for the camera.

Shruti Kapoor

Shruti is the Founder-CEO of Wingman (now Clari Copilot). She is passionate about helping revenue teams hitting their goals, through better conversations with their customers. She has worked across life sciences research, investment banking, technology investing, commercialization, product development, fin-tech and sales enablement. She enjoys working in the interface between technology solutions and business needs across tech, bio-tech and material science. She often dreams about marrying her passion for board games with her skills as a leadership coach.

DFx London Speaker | Semir Jahic| Consensus

Semir Jahic

Semir is the CEO and co-founder of Salesmotion.io, a go-to-market intelligence platform for ambitious revenue professionals. He successfully scaled Clari EMEA from a startup to a multi-million dollar venture, leading its growth strategy, operations and sales engineering function. Semir has deep expertise in sales and CRM technologies and advises various startups. His background includes roles at Accenture and Salesforce, and an academic journey at UCL, and studies in the US, and Switzerland.