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Join us on Tuesday, October 17, 2023 @ 9am MT 

Did you know that in independent studies with client stakeholders, Presales Resources were seen as providing 2 TIMES more value during the sales engagement than Sales Reps, yet traditional sales methods and enablement ONLY focus on EITHER Presales OR Sales – almost never together as a functional team, and as a result PRESALES are under or improperly utilized 75% of the time during the sales engagement leading to wasted time, reduced effectiveness, and more “do nothing” or lost deal outcomes?

Taking this one step further, according to the Consensus 2023 SE Compensation Report, Presales is not respected or valued as much as Sales internally, yet modern Consultative Selling Sales Organizations cannot operate without both counterparts working together at 100%.

And finally, while there are notable exceptions for successful Sales Teams, Sales reps often don’t inherently trust SEs, despite the inherent trust SEs garner from the client.

If you are a Presales or Sales Individual Contributor, Manager, or in Enablement and want to improve these unacceptable and often frustrating conditions, you will benefit greatly from this webinar and the forthcoming book on this topic.

We’ll look at the challenges of executing at the Account and Opportunity level as a Presales/Sales team, how this affects the buyer stakeholders, and impacts client success, while discussing practical, actionable ways Sales AND Presales can improve efficiencies, revenue, margins, and customer satisfaction when executing as a SEAMless Sales® Team.

About the Presenter

Art Fromm

Art is founder and owner of Team Sales Development Inc, specializing in Consultative Sales Transformation for B2B companies. In addition to offerings from his own portfolio, and working with Global partners, Art delivers workshops for John Care, is a Great Demo! Certified Partner working with Peter Cohan, and partners with Steve Bistritz delivering the Sales Opportunity Snapshot® (SOS) methodology, from which Art created “SOS for D365” – the first sales methodology App for Dynamics 365 for Sales.

Art began in Engineering and quickly moved into the software space running internal applications for three companies. This led to various Sales Engineering, Account Manager, and Sales Management positions with leading enterprise software companies where he routinely surpassed revenue and performance targets. Art moved into a Sales Enablement role in 2000, formed his own company in 2004, and from 2005-2008 drove US-based business for a Global Learning Provider, eventually continuing with his own company, Team Sales Development Inc, focused on helping SE’s and AM’s increase revenue, win-rate, and customer satisfaction – SEAMless Sales®.

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