Fabulously Successful Presales/Sales Partnering Principles, with Peter Cohan

“Our job is to make you fabulously successful…!” proclaims a senior presales leader to her sales counterparts. But how do we make this a win-win-win scenario for sales, presales, and customers? We’ll explore sales/presales partnering models and (best and worst) practices for discovery, Vision Generation, Demos, POCs – and the uncomfortable realities that we face when working as teams.

About the Presenter

Peter Cohan

Peter Cohan is the founder and principal of The Second Derivative and the Great Demo! and Doing Discovery methodologies, focused on helping software organizations improve their presales, sales and marketing results – primarily through improving organizations’ demonstrations and discovery skills. He has experience as an individual contributor, manager and senior management in marketing, sales, business development, and as a member of the C-suite. He has also been and continues to be a prospect and a customer.

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