NextGen Presales: The Digital Hybrid Model

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Sales processes will never return to the old normal. A new approach is needed to thrive in a new digital first world.

Digital PreSales tools and processes are more important than ever as a result of the global pandemic. Customers buying behaviours have changed forever.

The digital hybrid model for presales is a solution to the challenges we face.

For this model to succeed, PreSales need to fully embrace buyer enablement, sales enablement, and learn to co-exist and stay relevant with digital tools.

Done correctly, this model will increase win rates, and reduce CAC.

About the Presenter

Adam Freeman is the leader of an ultra-high-performance presales team at The Access Group, one of the fastest growing companies in the UK. As a qualified accountant, Adam has re imagined PreSales KPI’s and processes to better align to a modern SaaS software companies key outcomes and objectives. Adam also co-hosts the podcast “Two Presales in a Pod” together with Don Carmichael..

About the Presenter

Head of Presales, The Access Group