DEEP-C Fishing – The Buyer Enablement Framework from “Selling Is Hard. Buying Is Harder.”

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Shorten your sales cycle by up to 68% using the Buyer Enablement framework from “Selling is Hard. Buying is Harder.”

Garin Hess
Founder & CEO, Consensus

November 12 @ 2 p.m. Mountain Time (US)


Come and join us for the closing session of ConsensusCON! Learn buyer enablement skills from Founder and author Garin Hess then grab your four-leaf clover for good luck and participate in the raffle drawing for goodies including FREE Consensus-branded gear, copies of “Selling is Hard. Buying is Harder.“, the Consensus Channel Accelerator module plus licenses, and more!*

* Must be present to win

About “DEEP-C” Fishing :

What drives B2B sales most effectively—focusing on what you do as a salesperson or on what your champion and the buying group does behind the scenes? The latest research makes it clear that the B2B buying process has become too complex and difficult and buyers today crave companies and experienced guides who make the process easier. Focus on making buying easier and your prospects will buy from you faster and more often.

Sales teams can shorten the sales cycle by as much as 68% when they learn to equip their champion—the people promoting their solution inside the target account—using the DEEP-C™️ buyer enablement framework: Discover, Engage, Equip, Personalize, and Coach. This session guides sales leaders and professionals through the process of moving from a sales-focused approach to a buyer enablement model that reduces buying friction and accelerates the purchase.

About Garin:

Garin Hess is a serial entrepreneur whose entire career has been in enterprise software, including in several roles acting as sales engineer. Garin has founded two software companies, three industry conferences, and a non-profit organization. He is currently the founder and CEO of Consensus (, the leader in intelligent demo automation software. Consensus helps sales engineering teams use interactive video demos to scale productivity by reducing wasted time doing repetitive unqualified demos so they can do more of what they do best: solution consulting. Garin is also the recently published author of “Selling is Hard. Buying is Harder.” Outside of work, Garin enjoys reading history, mountain biking, hiking, writing, playing tennis, choir conducting, and spending time with his wife and their children.

About the Presenter

Founder & CEO, Consensus