Deliver a better buying experience, not just live demos.

Presales is now in demand across the funnel. Don’t bury your team in unqualified demos. Scale presales instantly and shorten sales cycle with interactive video demos.

"Consensus is a catalyst to get to the key stakeholders. We've already sold and won several Enterprise Deals using the platform."
Rob Bruce VP Presales Americas, Stibo Systems
Early adopters are winning with Consensus
Tom Karki
“We’ve discovered thousands of new stakeholders organically with Consensus.”
Tom Karki | Digital Director, COUPA
Brian Oehling
“Consensus gives us scale. In fact, we’ve added over 335 selling days to our organization. That’s more than a year.”
Brian Oehling | Global VP Presales General Business, SAP Concur
Rob Dean
“Unqualified demos have dropped 89%. We simply require all prospects to view a Consensus demo before we engage presales.”
Rob Dean | Presales Director, Trintech
Skot Bayers
"Personalized demos – and the engagement statistics from them – have given us insights into our prospects that we did not have before. This has made our conversations with them far more productive, and our live demos more consultative, targeted, and successful.”
Skot Bayers | NA Sales Engineering Lead, InRiver
Tod Goulds
“We scaled presales by over 20% without adding headcount.”
Tod Goulds | Oracle’s CEGBU
Neal Niemiec
“It would be an arm wrestle to see who likes Consensus more: Sales or Presales. Consensus gave us 30% more time to hit the same quota.”
Neal Niemiec | Sr Solutions Engineering Manager

Scale presales instantly.

Guided, on-demand and interactive buying experiences are non-negotiable. So why are you stretching yourselves thin by always forcing buyers into a calendar?

The biggest disruption in sales started in presales. Some are taking notice.

When should you adopt Consensus?

Use case

With Consensus

Without Consensus

Unqualified demos are too high

Prioritize demo qualified leads (DQL)

50%+ of demos are unqualified. Demo request to delivery lags 2+ weeks

You’re moving down market

Automate a self-guided experience at scale

High touch ≠ high volume. Margins get crushed

Stakeholders take too long to find

Discover them organically with embedded virality

11 stakeholders on average in B2B purchases. Each can derail a deal.

Your sales team is growing

Scale your SES with interactive demos

AEs ramp in 4 months, SES in 2 years. Growth through hiring doesn’t keep up

Consensus customer outcomes

Build Better

34% more likely to become opportunities

Shorten Sales

29% faster sales cycles with interactive demos

Close More

Up to 44% lift in close rates

Everything you need to outperform


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