Consensus Partner Network​

The Consensus Partner Network (CPN) is a global community of people, groups and companies that leverage systems, education and resources to learn, create, share and deliver Presales, Buyer Enablement and Demo Automation knowledge and thought-leadership to our industry.

As a Consensus partner, members are uniquely positioned to help customers take full advantage of all that Consensus has to offer so that together, we can provide innovative solutions for buyers, solve presales challenges, win deals, and deliver value to our mutual customers.

We're surrounded by incredibly knowledgeable people bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to those who strive to learn a great number of diverse topics. At Consensus we believe in supporting the growth of all parts of our world, especially those who strive to help people grow.
Our partners include training and education establishments who serve individuals taking new steps and organisations providing a wide range of training services to companies of every size

Working with a number of communities across our industry, we share the passion to raise the platform for presales folks to collaborate, learn, and inspire each other. The Demofest community arose from the need to set a level playing field for communication open to all and support conversations across every level of organization, role and subject matter. We also work with the Presales Collective in bringing together people from across the world to learn, share, and grow using resources, knowledge and a large network of like-minded professionals.

Delivering positive outcomes at scale is an exciting business to be in, so we're enabling consultants and other growth firms to bring Intelligent Demo Automation to their clients. By working with us in a VAR / Channel Partner capacity you can bring strong, scaled and reliable growth to your clients with measurable outcomes. Our customers know us for exemplary service and the ability to deliver outstanding results with ultimate confidence, so we only work with partners who reflect these values in practice.

Case Study:

We’re proud to support Ikuto Recruiting on their ‘The School – For Sales Engineering Heroes’ initiative to bring new skills to people wanting to join the Presales world. As part of their service to their candidates, The School provides a course for cohorts of learners to discover everything they’ll need for a switch to this amazing career; from expert guidance from some of the industries best presales minds, to in-depth 1 on 1 training from education master, Patrick Pissang. Consensus provides a Student Enablement Pack, which delivers a live Buyer Enablement workshop, free access to the Consensus platform for a limited period, ongoing attestation and community participation.

The constant search for great talent requires a deep understanding of our industry, what the role demands and the changing way in which buyers buy software and services. With companies demanding modern skillsets, supporting candidates either hunting down their first job or pin-point experienced leaders forging bold missions for global companies, but it’s the recruitment world that helps make that happen. People are the power of our industry so supporting their growth is crucial to our combined success.

As leaders in presales software we help candidates and hiring managers understand the value of hiring people with modern Demo Automation skills. This helps smooth the path of any process changes they need to make, and it makes the adoption of modern methods easier too.

Running a smooth operation means more than just having software, it’s about having great relationships with corporate systems too. We work with a number of companies to provide a first-class environment at Consensus for the people making the gears turn. With a particular focus on making life great for employees and business decisions based on great data, we create excellent outcomes in every area.
As a people-focused company, we collaborate with many of the organizations to ensure our foundations are solid and our mission is actioned in a stable and productive way for long-term growth.

Building confidence in the market is more than just advertising. Having spearheaded the creation of a new market, we’re well positioned to inform not just the strategy of our future growth, but also help steer our industry forward through constant change and innovation. Businesses across the world can get a better understanding of these changes through research carried out by companies like Aragon, G2 and Gartner. What’s more, a growing customer base means authentic reviews are posted with increasing frequency, and relevance to our growing market.

Maintaining accurate data across best of breed platforms is as important to us as it is to you, so we work with some of the best in the world to ensure accurate and fast synchronization turns our data into your visible success.

Consensus is a global company, with in-​house prowess and incredible relationships with great development organizations across the world.

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