Demo automation for the entire customer lifestyle

Make every customer
an expert.

Keep customer buying with demos for every scenario.

Expertise. Efficiency. Expansion.

Renewal and expansion happen when your product is easy to adopt, use and get support. Demo automation helps you place your best practices and FAQs at your customer's disposal for easy onboarding, adoption, and optimization to keep buyers buying.

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All the buying.
None of the regret.

Successful customer success organizations help their buyers create pathways to sustained success. Consensus intelligent demo automation creates confidence in users and admins alike to turn skeptics into supporters and advocates into evangelists.


Streamline the implementation process and with automated demos and product tours to help clients create their first wins using your solution.


Continually add value with demos on best practices, frequently asked questions, and weekly leave behinds detailing progress and opportunities for success.


Introduce new services and expand your footprint with demos on integrations, use cases, and other benefits your customers can get from your solution.

The Benefits of Consensus
for Customer Success

Streamlined onboarding and implementation processes

Introducing new or additional features to expand accounts

Ongoing training and account optimization

Collecting customer feedback

Quarterly Business Review (QBR) prep and leave behind materials

Announcing new features or product releases

Automating customer reviews (G2, Capterra, Gartner Peer Insights, TrustRadius, etc.)

Use the 6 Demo Types to help
your buyers buy more.

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Engagement data for understanding your buyers


Carefully curated integrations that work where you work


Buyer Enablement for teams across the funnel