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Focus is our super power. At our core, we scale presales to amplify AEs and improve buyer experiences.

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The problem we solve

B2B buyers want knowledge about product use cases, about impact, about architecture and integrations, but mostly about the product, which they get from Presales.

That often means demos—different types for different stages—authentically delivered. Sales engineers and solution consultants are trained for it—to consult qualified buyers, to go deeper into the product than anyone else. But they’re expensive, hard to find and take a long time to ramp. And they don’t actually spend their time doing it!

Instead, they’re in back-to-back meetings repeating the same demos to unqualified leads. They’re stretched, and they end up habitually forcing their linear processes onto buyers.

Buyers, in turn, pressure presales and sales to see the product NOW, and subsequently more times as new stakeholders are added. Delays, friction, waste….it’s all amped up.

We’re transforming presales to fix this for you and for your buyers.

Disrupting sales through presales

Buyers don’t follow a linear process to close deals. It’s hard to call what they do a process at all, but it’s hard for them because they don’t do it often.

On the vendor side, you’ve only got at most 5% of your buyers’ time during the entire sales cycle because your champion does the complex work of internal selling between meetings.

That’s where we fit in, but not to force a process onto buyers, or to hold them hostage to a calendar, or to replace people with automation.

We amplify the Presales and simplify B2B with guided, personalized—dare we even say pleasant—digital demo experiences so you close more deals more often.

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