Organic stakeholder insights

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“Consensus' tracking and tracing are invaluable. There's not a product out there that does it in the same way. That ability to harvest stakeholders and to see engagement has definitely helped us focus on the deals that are likely to have some velocity. ”

Adam Freeman

Head of Presales, The Access Group


Drill down from high level DemoBoard tracking to detailed activity heatmaps and solution specific dashboards.

View stakeholder insights—including demos sent, organic stakeholders discovered, discovery rate, views, view rate, features/sections selected, and docs downloaded—for any recipient of the initial link. All of this seamlessly passes into your other systems with one of our integrations or open API.

See actionable insights on 6 levels:


Buyer group analysis

Stakeholders organically added, priority alignment across the buying group, engagement and average view time

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Ronan Kerouedan
“We’ve discovered thousands of new stakeholders organically with Consensus.”
Ronan Kerouedan | SVP of Global Value Solutions Consulting, COUPA

Top level performance tracking

DemoBoards sent, engagement, share rates, engagement rates, stakeholders discovered and average view time.


Individual team performance

Compare how teams stack up against one another

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Individual team member performance

Observe who is and who isn’t sending demos, and compare their sales effectiveness


Most recently shared demos performance

Which companies and individuals they were sent to and their engagement


All individual demo performance

Which perform well, which don’t and whether you have outliers getting views

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