Demo Automation: the secret ingredient to next-gen PLG

Demo First. Talk Later.

Do you know what’s better than a “Request a Demo” button?
An actual demo.

Earn their trust by
showing your product before you ask for their time.

Capture product qualified leads 4X more than your competitor’s landing pages. Fuel your PLG strategy with authentic videos, product tours, and lead forms that get 3X the engagement and give you insights into who your buyers are and why they buy your solution.

Let your buyers
qualify themselves.

Let your product do the talking, and the qualifying for you! Whether you are using a PLG or Hybrid PLG motion, Consensus gives your buyers a personalized experience with your product and tells you which prospects are ready to talk about your solution.

Public Links

Turn your demo into your top performing CTA and allow buyers to personalize their demo and experience your product firsthand.

Lead Forms

Send your teams qualified leads who are informed and ready to talk about specifics about your solution.


Use engagements data to understand buyer intentions, stakeholder priorities, and feature rankings in your demos.

The Benefits of the
Consensus Marketing Accelerator

2-3x higher conversion rates

Increase Lead Quality

Provide Customers with the right
content instantly

Gain Customer Interest Insights

Call while they are at their desk thinking about you

34% more likely to become a sales qualified lead if they
view the demo

81% more likely to become a sales qualified lead when demos are shared internally

15% more likely to close if they view a Consensus demo vs. live call only

Make demos the focal point of your engagement strategy with our marketing integrations.

Place your demo on your product’s G2 page to give buyers a chance to try your product while researching and reading reviews.

Nurture and engage buyers with demos through your Eloqua campaigns and track performance of demo assets.

Trigger demos as part of your Marketo campaigns through our API and webhooks connections.

Learn more about
our other capabilities.


Engagement data for understanding your buyers


Carefully curated integrations that work where you work


Buyer Enablement for teams across the funnel

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