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Giving Sales Engineers the Work-Life Balance to Be Successful
Scaling Presales to Meet High-growth Sales Needs
Using Automated Demos as Part of Product-led Growth Strategy to Reduce Friction in the Buyer’s Journey
Helping One SE Support Nearly 100 Sales Reps
Digital Demos Help Deals Close Faster.
Too Many Repetitive Intro Demos Causing Bottlenecks in the Buyer’s Journey
Scaling presales, shortening the sales
cycle, and automating down market to
do more with fewer resources.
Adding Capacity to Presales Teams by Eliminating Demo Lag Time
Increasing efficiency and revenue by decreasing live presales interactions.
1500 demos eliminated from Presales workload in 2020
How Coupa got in front of prospects at a scale equal to having 4 additional full time SCs.
How Trintech reduced unqualified demos by 89% with Consensus
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