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Consensus Academy is a customer exclusive site packed with essential tips for becoming a master at what you do. Every course is self-paced and available for reference 24/7. Take a look at our catalog and see which courses you can leverage to enable your teams and magnify your success. We’re here to help you thrive at work, growing the skills you need to win.

Whether you’re in Marketing, Presales, Sales, Client Success or the Channel, if you’re a leader
or on the front line - we’re here to help you be your best self and serve your buyers in amazing ways.

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Because Enterprise buying is complex, it is imperative the entire revenue team becomes educated on where buyers feel the most friction and how they can alleviate it individually and collectively. “We feel immense pleasure in the fact that many top organizations are finding success using demo automation to shorten sales cycles by focusing on what buyers need most,” said Doug Johnson, CEO of Consensus. “We want to give all members of the revenue team access to our knowledge of buying to make them more effective at their jobs.”


Modern Learning

All Consensus courses are born from our deep experience in the Buyer Enablement and Demo Automation world, giving you all the information you need to succeed in today’s world.


Take courses as little or as much as you need to be successful. The reference materials are available whenever you need them.

For leaders and end users

Creates confidence in users and admins alike. Build the skills to turn skeptics into supporters and advocates into evangelists confidently.

Consensus Certified

Across the world we’ve got some amazing users, doing amazing things for the people they work with, and the buyers they support. So here at Consensus we wanted to reward those people just like you with a certification that shows off your skills and signals to others that you’ve got what it takes to step upwards and onwards.

The result: Consensus Certified.

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Become a Consensus Certified Admin

Consensus Certified Admin is the pinnacle of achievement for people who deliver a platform for success to other employees. As the go-to person for anything inside the Consensus Demo Automation Platform, this person has also demonstrated an outstanding level of skill creating positive impact for their business.

Here’s how it works:

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Get first-class learning opportunities tuned to your needs. Our self-service courses will guide you through the curriculum and empower you for testing and certification. As you've come to expect from Consensus – it’s a tailored experience to make sure you get the most relevant skills!

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Wish you could take on that next level of responsibility for the projects you’re working on? Knowledge is one step, but being certified is the proof that you and others are looking for. If you want to succeed faster in your current role or you’re working towards your next, being able to share a credential that’s certified by us and protected by BlockChain assurance is a significant boost.

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Do they even know how great you are? With sharable badges and certificates you can be proud of your success by sharing on LinkedIn, and even add it to your Certifications section there too. With an easy click through to see the details, people will see just how awesome you are!

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