Cut Through the Red Tape of Buying Agreement for B2B Buying Decisions

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red-tape-twitter“When I think of red tape, what I think about immediately for a B2B complex sale – and marketing automation is definitely complex – I think about consensus. Consensus is hard to get. With the growing number of people (43% increase in stakeholders per IDC) involved in a B2B buying decision, 34% say it’s so, getting all of them to buy-in to a decision is requiring more effort.”

Words of wisdom from Adarth Albee of Marketing Interactions. How do we get marketing to identify, reach out to, and tailor messaging, to all of the stakeholders, before they’re already working through the sales cycle? And how do make sure that sales continues that personalized messaging? For answers to those questions, read the full article here.

About the Author

Garin Hess

Garin Hess

Garin Hess is a serial entrepreneur with over 18 years of hands-on in-the-trenches experience. Garin has founded two software companies, two industry conferences, and a non-profit organization. He is currently the founder and CEO of CONSENSUS, an interactive demo automation software company that helps sales organization scale the pre-sales function. Outside of work, he enjoys reading history, mountain biking, singing with and conducting community choirs, and spending time with his family. For Garin, nothing else beats a lazy morning cooking breakfast for his wife and three kids or trying hard to keep up with his son on the tennis court.