10 Ways To Build A Winning Brand Story: Part 9 of 10


By Jed Morley, CMO at Consensus

This 10-part article explains how to create a compelling brand story for your company, products and services. Great brands are great stories that are always in the process of being told, refreshed and continued. Great brand stories are easy to recognize and sometimes happen intuitively, but a clear framework can improve your chances of success.

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Part 9 of 10: Logo and Visual System

A logo is not a brand. A brand is the sum total of someone’s collective experiences and perceptions of a company, product or person. It’s what someone says about your brand when no one’s looking. Ultimately, it’s how they feel toward your product, service or company. A logo is a visual symbol of the brand. Companies own logos; people own brands.

When brands connect with customers on an emotional level, they create intangible value that transcends a company’s physical assets. Brands that achieve this kind of relevance form a barrier to entry that can outlast competitive threats—even outlive patents—because they protect emotional property, not just intellectual property. They also help customers navigate a crowded marketplace and express their individual identities.

Visual System

A visual system or design language includes iconography and other visual elements, such as photography and video principles and guidelines, that help to activate the brand and express it’s personality visually. The visual standards for the brand are typically captured in a style guide that provides graphics standards, including logo usage in its various sizes, color treatments, configurations and lockups, typography, a color palette.

Here are some examples of a visual system from Nike’s football (soccer) brand book:

Consensus presents your brand in a visually appealing way.

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