3 Biggest SaaS Sales Tips to Impact My Career

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Garin Hess

I’m not a sales leader or seasoned vet with years of experience. I am a student of sales, three years into my time at CONSENSUS working with pros specializing in the B2B sales arena. I am also a literal student of sales at Weber State University, so everyday I’m absorbing new sales tactics from both a theoretical and hands-on approach that I can put to the test in my job. I’m sharing the top three secrets I’ve learned between work and school that have most heavily impacted any success I’ve seen so far as a SaaS salesperson. Let me know in the comments section if any of these have been helpful for you too!

#1 Ask Permission

Professional business leaders require the support of a professional salesperson when making a purchase decision.  There isn’t a successful way to force a deal to get done in B2B sales. It’s very likely that your prospects were in a sales role to some degree during their career. Make your intentions clear, and get their permission to move forward with your recommended next steps. This way everyone is on the same page and has a common goal. Without permission to move to the next stage in the buying process, you might as well stop now.

#2 Discover Needs

People do things for their reasons, not yours. Each company and person you meet with will be motivated differently. Your prospect isn’t experiencing the problems you solve unless they tell you that they are. Rather than jumping into an assumptive pitch, ask appropriate questions to validate that there is a fit before presenting anything.

#3 Trial Closes

A trial close is a question, observation, or statement that helps a salesperson understand how interested a prospect is.  As salespeople, sometimes a red flag stands out more than a green light. Use a trial close such as “based on what we’ve discussed to this point, do you see our software being helpful in your sales process?” You will be surprised to hear seemingly disinterested customers’ enthusiasm for your offering or golden leads that are actually disinterested.

Asking permission, doing thorough discovery with each prospect, and incorporating trial closes have been extremely important aspects of my sales process. That said, There are many other things that have made an impact that we can explore in future articles. In the meantime, please share your questions, critiques and additional sales advice!