3 Reasons to Make Your Marketing More Agile

Hilary Bird

The concept of Agile Marketing has been around for a while – but executing it is much rarer to hear about. Which is funny, because it’s actually much easier than more traditional marketing methods nowadays – but sometimes it’s hard to break out of the habits we already know. But forget about the old-school methods you learned in school – here are three reasons to get serious about agile marketing:

Easier to Measure Results

Why spend months, or a full quarter, hashing out a massive marketing campaign – only to not really know what results it drove? The bigger the campaign, the more difficult it can be to properly attribute all lead gen or value. Or worse, you spend a quarter designing a campaign only for it to fall flat. The beauty of week-long campaigns is exactly that; you’ve only lost a week of time if they fail! They also give you the chance to test out way more campaign ideas. The smaller the campaign, the more granular you can get with measuring results.


More Personalized

In today’s world, customers expect a personalized, unique experience with your solution. That’s much easier to provide when you’re working with smaller campaigns; for example, sending out hand-written letters doesn’t seem so daunting when it’s only to ten of your top prospects. It’s way too easy to get lost in the noise of all other competing solutions; you need to stand out through personalization.


Increased Efficiency

Long, large-scale marketing campaigns usually include waiting on materials from other departments, waiting on complex graphics, content writers, etc. Small campaigns are designed to focus on execution over perfection. Small campaigns are like mini tests, to see what’s going to connect with your target audience. There’s no sense in wasting time on perfection when you are just testing an idea. Besides, what use is a beautifully designed graphic if its messaging doesn’t resonate with your audience anyway?