3 Tricks to Offering Gimmick-free Special Deals

3 Tricks to Offering Gimmick-free Special Deals

What can you do to offer appealing special deals?

  1. Offer a beta trial
  2. Offer an upgrade
  3. Give something special to the champion buyer
  4. Use flash sales promotions

There’s a notion that special deals online are not worth anyone’s time. In fact, people believe that it’s more likely that these deals are simply a ploy to get them to sign up to a businesses’ services. Though such an underhanded tactic is done by some unsavory organizations, most companies genuinely want to offer the best of their products and services!

B2B sales and marketing teams face the challenge of finding gimmick-free ways to offer special deals to clients. Sometimes, sales force automation can even be involved in this procedure. However, you can simplify it to just a few tactics made by the team.

It is often difficult to make discounts or limited-time offers sound appealing when you are dealing with complex solutions, long sales cycles, and multiple people. Most prospects are turned off by anything that comes across as a playful trick; something that you would want to avoid.

With that being said, below are a few tricks to make your products and services sound more appealing!

Offer a Free BETA Trial

Offer a Free BETA Trial

If you’re launching a new solution, offer a Beta trial! This is a sleek way to get customers using your new solution while also collecting valuable data. Instead of solution testers, let clients evaluate a beta version for free and pass product testing savings back.

Users are usually excited to be part of something new. By offering this trial, you will make them feel like innovators as they take advantage of the newest technology available. You should also create easy ways for Beta customers to share the product. This will make sure that your customers feel valued and help you improve your research and development efforts!

This point relies on the concept of mutual benefit wherein your beta customers are given free access to your services all the while providing you with feedback, depending on your decision.

Offer an Upgrade

It’s very common for businesses to offer discounts and price cuts in a variety of ways. In fact, discounts are one of the most abundant promotional efforts! That being said, it also has a slight reputation for signaling low quality. This is the reason why so many people tend to avoid discounts, especially when it comes to services.

However, you can easily turn this around by simply rephrasing the message. Instead of a discount or a price cut, you offer an upgrade to a better version of your initial product! This way, your customers will get a chance to use a version of your product that has more features available. Once they get the hang of it, they would eventually buy the upgraded version since they are more used to it!

This tactic can also benefit you by identifying which of your B2B sales tool upgrades are the most relevant ones. This information can be used to further appeal with your potential customers and furthermore increases sales!

Give Something Special to Champion Buyers

Give Something Special to Champion Buyers

Always keep your champion buyers in mind; empower them with something special. Every buying group you work with should benefit from the services you provide, but offering something personal to your champion buyers can help build even stronger relationships! It can be a token of appreciation or a reminder of the seamless cooperation and communication that happens between you and the champion buyer.

Every company has a person in the organization that is championing the deal. Offer him/her swag or a gift card as a personal touch. You could also offer clients desirable and useful company gear with your logo. It’s a great way of showing customer appreciation and an excellent tactic to further promote your business!

Use Flash Sales to Promote Services

Create special flash deals. These deals are usually very short but offer exceptional savings. By offering 15-minute windows of time for online buyers to take advantage of special deals, you will create a sense of urgency around buying your solution, accelerating B2B sales. Putting online buyers at a point of pressure can help with getting an immediate decision — for instance, buying the service at a discount!

Sharing details of when the flash sale will happen is also a great way of creating social media buzz. To engage followers, you can create eye-catching social media that lets them know you will be offering a special deal soon! Inform them when you’ll be announcing the start time and suggest they turn on their notifications to receive the details.

Key Takeaway

Promoting often complex solutions throughout long sales cycles can be difficult, but it’s worth the effort. Customers appreciate it when a business is honest and transparent. Therefore, B2B sales reps must also be genuine and honest. They must remember to deliver on promises on time. Keep in mind that sales force automation is not the only solution to this problem. Rather, it’s the simplest of ideas such as the ones above that will help you offer your services creatively and prevent special deals coming across as gimmicks!

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