Accelerate Sales with Demo Automation Videos

By Hilary Bird, Marketing Manager at Consensus, @Hilbonix
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There should always be a push to shorten the sales cycle.


For companies worldwide, a common and on-going goal is to shorten the sales cycle. Shortening the sales cycle ultimately means more sales. But there are an infinite amount of factors that can affect the length of the cycle, and knowing which factor(s) to focus on vary throughout companies.

But one factor that remains constant is the product demo. No right minded prospect is going to purchase a product without understanding what it is and how it benefits them – and that’s the purpose of a demo, right?

We’ve talked before about the benefits of demo automation, so this post focuses on understanding the structure of our demo automation platform.



In order to visualize how the demo automation platform works, we’ve put together this flowchart:

DemoChimp demo video flowchart, demochimp demo, demo automation
A flowchart visualization of how our Consensus demo videos break down.

Every Consensus demo video starts with a brief introduction to your product or service. From there, users interact with the demo by selecting which features of your product they’re most interested in learning more about. The above flowchart shows what a product with just two features would look like, but most products have up to eight features! 

Each box in the flowchart represents a video (except the “Supporting Documents” boxes, which refer to PDFs or spreadsheets). So each feature has three videos attached to it, whose lengths vary depending on the importance level. The “Very Important” video is longer than the “Somewhat Important”, and if users select “Not Important”, then no video is shown related to that feature.

How would you define your product’s features? Being able to break up and organize your product in this manner not only helps the prospect understand your product, but it makes for an excellent resource for your sales reps. It’s like having a thorough and well defined script that’s always available to them!

Consensus is Intelligent Demo Automation that scales your presales function.