B2B Sales Prospecting: Get Prospects to Qualify Themselves

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How do you get prospects to qualify themselves?

  1. Problem
  2. Temporary solution
  3. Solution
  4. Reason

Business-to-business sales prospecting is quite the challenge to marketers. When pitching business customers rather than the public, lead quality is vitally important. This is why you need to make sure the right sales enablement tools and the right sales enablement software are in place.

The Problem

The Problem

One of the biggest frustrations for sales representatives is following up on unqualified leads. You’re never quite sure if leads are worth it because even when they respond, they will seldom become a buyer. That being said, this is exactly what happens when B2B marketers make use of the “spray and pray” method, despite all the sales enablement software out there. This method targets as many people as possible even when some, if not most, of the leads, are unqualified. There’s no assurance that any of the leads are either qualified or responsive. Instead, sales representatives end up hoping for results while expending resources that could be applied to targeting qualified leads.

The Temporary Answer

Account Based Sales Development, or ABSD, is a technique designed to help solve the problem of poor leads by focusing only on certain accounts. Efforts are applied to seamlessly pick the accounts that are qualified and potential buyers. However, this method is still rigorous and time-consuming which limits its effectiveness. ABSD also focuses only on selling to targeted and highly valued accounts, rather than looking for new, qualified leads. Although putting in an effort to keep valued accounts is an acceptable technique, relying only on them is not ideal for any industry. When it comes to promoting your business, spending a lot of time optimizing your leads is not an asset.

Another problem with ABSD is it puts all of your eggs into one basket. Since all of your efforts are targeted onto a few leads, losing them can be devastating. You might find yourself lost if these leads do not result in sales. How do you resolve the problems that arise due to unqualified leads without heading off in the wrong direction?

The Solution

The Solution

The tool that you’re looking for is called intelligent demo automation. These videos are easily tailored for a new prospect by featuring information that the potential customer is interested in learning from your company. Both you and your prospects won’t have to waste time and effort in discussing something irrelevant. You’ll make the most of your time, all the while empowering your prospects to make good choices.

This tool will allow you to reach both new markets and customers by getting them to qualify themselves. By doing so, you’ll experience something different in your business—an improvement of the quality of your leads.

These automated demo videos help give prospects the tools they need to decide the direction they want to go. Because everyone involved in the discussion is better equipped with the information they want and need, you will have an easier time reaching the leads that are most likely to result in sales. Your company will benefit from being able to follow up on only the best leads.

The Reason

With all that’s said and done, why should you consider automating your demos? Performing live demos has its own benefits, but when you think about it logically, they’re not as efficient as they used to be.

Live demos are very time-consuming. On average, you’d be spending 45-60 minutes, sometimes even longer, per demo. You would usually need to demo a handful of times before you can have the chance to close a deal. The whole process thus drags the sales cycle out, sometimes needing 3 to 5 months before you can close the sales deal.

Today, the concept of time has changed drastically. Clients and prospects still take some time to decide on their choice, but most companies don’t have the patience to sit through an hour-long demo anymore. They want to know as much as possible, as fast as possible. That is what an intelligent demo automation will provide for you.

This doesn’t mean live demos should be completely replaced by demo automation, however. Remember that some prospects still value what face-to-face communication before anything else. Demo automation is just the more efficient option when it comes to educating and qualifying leads on their own.

Key Takeaway

Although some traditional practices are still applicable today, the proliferation of sales enablement tools has put the majority of them to the wayside. Problems that revolve around having unqualified leads are now easily solved with the help of sales enablement software such as the intelligent demo automation. With this technology, you can shorten your sales cycle by making your leads qualify themselves!

Consensus offers intelligent demo automation and other a variety of other tools you need to attract the best buyers and prospective clients. Contact us today to find out how we can help your company bring in better leads to generate more sales!

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