Better Empathy: The Salesperson’s Key to the Buyer’s Heart

better empathy is key to the buyer's heart

Today’s sales climate is based on the idea of relationship selling.
better empathy is key to the buyer's heartAccording to a survey by Zogby and Velocify, by the time buyers fill out a contact form, they’ve already researched you online extensively. Buyers already know far more about you than you know about them, and they have high expectations for your continued follow up.

One thing customers may not vocalize but wholeheartedly believe, is that they expect companies to put forth the same effort to research and understand their prospects. Better empathy is needed to close sales. Colleen Stanley at Sales Leadership Development said this about the power of empathy:

Empathy allows you the ability to address a client’s fears and concerns. More than likely, your client will be walking into your sales meeting with fears or concerns already in the back of his or her mind.  Rather than avoiding the topics, it can be beneficial for both of you to discuss them openly. Do not underestimate the value of acknowledging another’s concerns. This can make a huge impact, not just on the current sales transaction but in keeping the sales relationship thriving long term.

Do you know their concerns? How are you seeking to understand their buying situation? What tools they are already using, and what aspect of your product are they investigating?

It’s essential that you learn about them to tailor your solution to their unique needs.

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