Buyer Enablement — Keep the Conversation Going

Buyer Enablement — Keep the Conversation Going

Sales Representatives: What should you keep in mind when integrating buyer enablement into your sales process?

  1. The sales process has changed
  2. Trust is key
  3. Keep the conversation going

It’s no secret that some or most of the previous strategies concerning sales and marketing no longer work today. That’s the reason why sales enablement tools have become a necessity for some companies, particularly those who have a hard time identifying what strategies are best for the modern era.

Today, buyer enablement is the thing that you should be focusing on. Because of how much the corporate landscape has changed, it’s only natural for you to embrace things like B2B sales tools in order to truly integrate into the modern sales world.

The Sales Process Has Changed

Before the advent of the Internet, sales representatives were the go-to people for product information. They were the authority in the landscape of sales and marketing. During those times, the more aggressive and persuasive you were, the better your chances of scoring a sale.

In this day and age, that is no longer the case.

In the current era of B2B sales, the power has shifted to the buyers. They are the ones that gather product information for themselves. What you should focus on, as a B2B sales representative is to shift from the concept of providing information to the formation of relationship and the building of trust between you and your prospects.

These statistics should prove the point even further.

  • According to research, only 29% of people have any interest in talking directly with the sales rep to find out any product information.
  • 57% of buyer decisions are made before the buyer even bothers to contact the supplier.
  • And the clincher is the fact that 34% of sales representatives admit that closing deals have gotten harder.

When it comes down to it, you can’t deny how much sales have changed throughout the years. In the face of such changes, the better course of action is to adapt. Don’t force yourself to make outdated techniques work. Embrace the changes in technology and use the advantages that it provides.

Trust is Key

Trust is Key

Nowadays, it’s the buyers that conduct almost all the research that they need before buying certain products. They no longer need any input from B2B sales reps. This does result in fewer leads, but they’re all much better qualified compared to previous iterations. As a B2B sales rep, you must carefully incubate these leads.

Building trust is now tremendously significant to the sales cycle. But unlike the outdated strategies, trust building shouldn’t be forced. Rather, it should be earned through showing genuine concern and understanding of your prospects.

Trust-building isn’t something that you should do only when you want to. It’s vital to the new customer-centric sales process. It’s highly suggested that you build up a mutual and trustworthy relationship during these times:

  • At the start of a sales funnel— or your first contact with your prospect.
  • Waiting for the timing to be right—for client meetings and discussions.
  • As part of an ongoing campaign—particularly during the most critical moments where both you and your clients need assurance.

Building relationships with your customers and making use of all your resources will surely lead to a closed deal. When a prospect is moving through the sales cycle, it’s important that you keep track of them every step of the way. You’ll be able to provide the information they need during the phase where they’re in, and you’ll also be able to help them during times when they need it the most!

Keeping in close contact with your prospect is ideal for any B2B sales opportunity. Nurture discussions through ideas and solutions that are personalized for your client. With the help of Consensus, this is something easy to achieve.

Keep the Conversations Going

Keep the Conversations Going

The strategies and techniques required for sales have drastically changed, but one thing remains the same: sales will always be a numbers game. No matter how great your way of acquiring and nurturing leads is, when you can’t do it consistently with many prospects, then you won’t reap any benefits.

Building relationships with your prospects is just the first step. B2B sales representatives need to be as professional as possible when it comes to communicating with prospects.

Consistency in the service provided is crucial for any B2B sales rep. There are many B2B sales tools that can help with this—but at the end of the day, personal skills and training supplemented with state-of-the-art technology are what truly will keep all your conversations alive until a sale has been made!

Key Takeaway

It’s no secret that personalization cultivates trust. As humans, we have been wired to respond to our name. In a world full of distractions and unnecessary noise, being able to focus is crucial to our lives. You can’t go on wasting your or your prospects time.

Ensure that your products and services are as personalized as possible through adaptation, trust building, and personalization—all of which would benefit from sales enablement tools such as what Consensus provides!

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