Buyer Enablement — Tailoring the Sales Experience for Productivity

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What do you need to do to improve your sales experience for productivity?

  1. A look into strong productivity
  2. Techniques to increase sales productivity
    • Use buyer enablement to advise clients to make better buying decisions
    • Win as a team by aligning marketing, sales, and product
    • Makes salespeople a spokesperson for your brand

Improving your efficiency can drastically enhance sales effectiveness. The key is to understand your prospects and demonstrate that deep understanding by tailoring each interaction to that specific buyer’s needs and pain points. The more precise and intimate your interaction is, the more it can enhance your sales effectiveness.

To be clear: No two sales experiences should be remotely the same. While selling to B2B customers may seem almost impossible, there are key strategies to convert leads into sales, some of which include the use of intricate sales enablement tools and other specific processes. And although some of these strategies are foundationally similar, the way you use them for particular customers and how they respond to it should differ greatly.

How can you overcome these modern-day sales challenges?

Use effective techniques to help you generate better quality leads. However, before we can begin to improve productivity, we must know what strong productivity looks like.

A Look Into Strong Productivity

A Look Into Strong Productivity

According to representatives from, strong productivity should meet the following criteria:
Productivity should either stay consistent or improve while sales headcount increases and areas become smaller.
Productivity distribution among high-, medium- and low-performing sales reps is balanced and a large portion of the sales team is seeing success.

Absolute sales productivity is larger than the estimated productivity level that was incorporated into the sales plan.
Now that you know what your goals are, here are a few techniques that will help you increase your total sales productivity.

Techniques to Increase Sales Productivity

Techniques to Increase Sales Productivity

Overcome sales challenges by implementing these techniques.

Use Buyer Enablement to Advise Clients in Making Better Buying Decisions

Allow clients to interact with you as they do their own research. You should never try to dictate what they should do. They depend on you to coach them through the buying process. You should be there to assist them as they make well-informed decisions as to what they should and shouldn’t buy. Your opportunity lies within the use of content libraries. Make sure that your own library includes all of your assets that answer common questions asked by your target market throughout the different stages of their buying journey. You can also try to incorporate more specific questions, those that focus on specific industries into your content library. The more specific you are, the better you can help them. Share these libraries with prospective clients.

Steve MacDonald from SuperOffice suggests that you include important content such as case studies, industry articles, and white papers. These types of content have a higher level of authority and expertise when compared to your typical blogs. Decision-makers are much more responsive when provided with this kind of outreach.

LiveHive conducted research and the results suggested that 84% of buyers respond positively when vendors reach out to them with emails that include case studies while 85% of buyers respond to emails, including white papers.
Digital content assets that are distributed via email to buyers invoke positive responses from the majority of buyers.

Win as a Team by Aligning Marketing, Sales and Product

Sales leaders should consider forming a partnership with their marketing and product counterparts to increase sales productivity. This method of marketing has the most impact even though it is underused in the industry. The marketing and product teams have access to sales enablement tools, buyer insights, and the sales team is better able to influence corporate messaging with that data. The synergy between the two teams is vital to making the most of what you have. In fact, organizations that don’t have even a single interaction between these two departments would often have a hard time utilizing both in their efforts. The product road map is also influenced by using this method. Note that stronger partnerships produce more benefits for each team.

Make Salespeople the Spokesperson for Your Brand

Make your salesperson the expert in your field. How effective is this method? When it comes to sales and marketing messages, many B2B buyers are skeptical. They want to interact with experts who listen to their needs and are capable of providing them with relevant information. Achieving this is relatively simple. Allow salespeople to create and share helpful content about the pain points of prospective buyers, then encourage them to post that content on your company’s blog. Make sure that the content they publish provides perspective on the challenges of the potential buyer. Finally, offer insights that can be used to progress through the buyer’s journey.

Key Takeaway

You can’t sit idly by waiting for prospects to come to you. Build trusting relationships with your buyers so that they feel safe when making buying decisions through your company. Learn what your prospect’s pain points are and eliminate them using the techniques we have provided for you so you can start enhancing your sales productivity today.

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