Consensus’ Demo Automation Technology Recognized as Top B2B Sales Tool for 2018

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Garin Hess

SANDY, UtahMay 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Consensus, an enterprise SaaS (software-as-a-service) startup that drives B2B sales through Demo Automation, has been recognized as one of the Top Sales Tools of 2018 by Smart Selling Tools.

Companies such as Oracle, SAP, Micro Focus, VMware, Autodesk, Experian, and Equifax are using Consensus to automate product demonstrations to drive more effective sales conversations and shorten sales cycles as much as 68%.

“With some of the world’s best companies using Consensus we know our technology delivers huge value,” said Founder and CEO Garin Hess. “Still, we’re honored to be recognized by the industry as a top sales tool.”

Consensus’ patented demo automation technology helps sales teams discover and engage each stakeholder through an interactive video demo that automatically personalizes the experience to each stakeholder based on their unique interests. As they engage, Consensus delivers key buying group data back to the sales team so they can more effectively drive agreement.

“It’s like having the answers to the test before you take it,” said Ryan Massey, Sales Manager at Carowinds.

“B2B sales has never been harder,” said founder Garin Hess. “With six to seven stakeholders in every buying group, sales has to customize the demo to each stakeholder. That ends up making for lots of meetings and artificially long sales cycles.”

“The Consensus platform has been excellent for us,” said Sheryl Wharff, Americas Channel Marketing Leader for Micro Focus. “Once an individual receives an interactive video…if they like it and have other colleagues that should be enabled…they pass that video on to them.”

Hess explained that this process of providing the internal champion what they need to help drive engagement and alignment in the buying group is called Buyer Enablement.

“Who is really doing the selling? It’s the internal champion, not the sales person. Our objective is to help you equip the champion with what they need to sell internally to be effective,” said Hess. “Traditional sales enablement focuses on what the sellers are doing. But if you enable the buyers, they’ll get the deal done much faster than focusing on what the sales people are doing.”

Consensus technology includes the BuyerBoard™, a dashboard designed for the internal champion to track interest and engagement by other stakeholders within their own organization. Enabling internal champions is core to Consensus’ strategy. By enabling the champion to sell internally more effectively, customers have increased close rates by more than 44%.

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About Consensus
CONSENSUS is a SaaS application that accelerates B2B sales by driving agreement across stakeholders in the buying group. Our interactive demo automation solution personalizes video and documents so each stakeholder automatically learns about your solution in the most relevant way. Our Demolytics™ dashboard helps you discover and engage the entire buying group by gathering analytics and tracking what’s important to them, what they watched, and who they shared it with. This drives agreement and gets to a purchase decision much faster than traditional sales methods. Clients have cut their sales cycles by 68% and jumped close rates by 44%.