Consensus Demo Platform: Re-Engage Cold Prospects with Demos


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By Brian Zurcher and Hilary Bird, @goconsensus

Re-Engage Prospects By Letting Them Self Educate on Their Own Time:

You work hard to educate your prospects to help them see value in your solution. But then…they go radio silent… and you have no idea what’s happening on their end. But everyone is busy, so it’s difficult to get them to answer an email, let alone set up another appointment to check in. Let the power of your Consensus demo provide an automated and uniquely personal experience for each prospect – that can help re-engage them and ultimately accelerate the sales cycle. Prospects can self educate on their own time, tailored to their unique needs. The best part? You get the same insights on their needs as you would from a phone call; simply view the demo analytics around what features they chose to watch, if they shared it with anyone else, and if they re-watched certain parts.

How to Send a Follow-Up Demo to Cold Prospects:

  • Step by Step Process
    • Send a unique demo to all of your prospects that are not progressing

    • *TIP* Try using the Mail Merge Demo Link within an email merge to send out a unique demo to all of your stalled organizations at once
  • When your prospects view the demo, use the viewer analytics to understand their unique needs and interests and send out follow up material focusing on those features.

  • In your follow up, entice them to share the demo with other stakeholders in their organization and push to review their unique needs in your next meeting. The Consensus demo automation platform is designed to help you get to closing conversations faster, by identifying each stakeholder and their needs early on, so you can personalize each experience.

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