Consensus is Listed as a Utah Tech Reputation Builder


We don’t normally dedicate blog posts to tooting our own horn. But we’re really pleased to see Consensus (as our previous iteration DemoChimp in the Pivotl article) garner some attention for being a Utah firm attracting investor attention in an already strong tech community.

In the article, Consensus CEO Garin Hess highlights the challenge we set out to solve: “There is no such thing as a complex sale, only complex purchases. It’s not about the sales team, it’s about the buying group. DemoChimp delivers an interactive demo to each stakeholder in the buying group by stitching together video segments and documents based on their unique interests.”

Others on the list include ClientSuccess, Simplus, Zane Benefits, and Observepoint. Read the full list and article here.

To learn more about Consensus and how personalized demos and demo analytics can increase your lead quantity, quality, and close rates, click Watch Demo below.

Consensus is Intelligent Demo Automation that scales your presales function.
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