Consensus Snags #9 in UVEF Top Utah Tech Startups


By Hilary Bird, @hilbonix

Matt Behrend, Consensus Co-founder & CRO, claims our 9th place award.

Andrew Zaleski of CNBC said this past July, “An investor would be crazy to ignore Utah today, where the Silicon Slopes has emerged this decade as a hotbed of tech entrepreneurship, plucky start-ups and impressive software companies worth at least $1 billion on paper.” As Utah’s Silicon Slopes rise to rival Silicon Valley, Consensus is psyched and honored to announce our placement in UVEF‘s Top 25 Under 5 for the second year in a row. Last year, we placed 13th and this year we’ve bumped up to 9th place. This award from UVEF (Utah Valley Entrepreneurs Forum) goes out to the top 25 Utah tech startups under 5 years old. 

As UVEF says, “The ranking was established using a non-biased formula focusing on revenues and growth rate. This year’s list has companies that are challenging models, advancing technology, and improving Utah’s entrepreneurial landscape.” Consensus is challenging the traditional way that sales are done by shifting the focus to buyers, and how to enable them to buy.

As B2B buying groups continue to grow on average, and 57% of the customer’s buying journey is over by the time they’re speaking to a sales rep, it’s crucial that we allow them to get the most out of that 57% of the journey. At Consensus, we’re using automated, personalized demo videos to equip our prospect champions to sell internally to the rest of the buying group. We’re putting an end to reliance on ill-equipped champions to close deals. See how by watching our demo now.

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Consensus is Intelligent Demo Automation that scales your presales function.