Consensus Use Case: How to Reactivate Stalled Leads


One shared challenge that pops up in every sales executive’s game plan is the need to convert an inquiry-based contact (INQ) into a marketing qualified lead (MQL). An even more significant challenge is how to improve conversion rates—at scale—without growing headcount.

This issue commands widespread attention because everyone is trying to find a competitive edge for progressing leads through the sales funnel in a way that gives them a more predictable forecast and a more sustainable competitive advantage than the status quo. All of the time and resources that a company has invested to generate an INQ is for naught if a sales leader can’t find a reliable answer to this question: “How can I consistently and cost-effectively automate the process of advancing a prospect from being an INQ to becoming an MQL?”

Consensus customers have found a repeatable way to address the problem. For example, when a prospect downloads content such as a white paper, they immediately become an INQ. A sales rep quickly attempts to connect with the prospect. But often that prospect is unresponsive. So the lead could lie dormant for months. But then Consensus demo is sent to the prospect. The intelligent automated video is so engaging that the prospect begins sharing it with colleagues, other stakeholders. The Consensus demo analytics platform automatically sends alerts to the sales team, notifying them each time a new decision maker joins the conversation, who shares it, who else watches, showing what features are important to each person, and more. Soon a deal is signed. And from a lead that looked to be a dead end, no less.

At Consensus, we have seen this example play out frequently. Within just days of the first demo view, our customers’ sales reps meet with a prospect and additional members of the buying group. Within a month of the first demo view, the prospect is becoming a customer, cutting a PO and inking a deal, often with generous expansion opportunities.

Our Consensus automated demo helped us close a $70K deal in just 30 days, a process that normally takes 6 to 9 months—and this new account could expand to $700K within the first year. We emailed our demo to our prospect, and she immediately shared it with her stakeholders. The Consensus analytics dashboard alerted us when they engaged and revealed what was important to each stakeholder. We quickly scheduled calls and tailored our message to their entire buying group’s interests. The best part is this was a new logo, and they were weeks into discussions with our competition. BOOM!” —Don Cash, VP of Global Inside Sales, BMC

Consensus is Intelligent Demo Automation that scales your presales function.