Creating Engaging Sales Content Is Still a Major Challenge

87% of B2B marketers say creating engaging content is a major challenge

Few marketers know customers the way that salespeople do.87% of B2B marketers say creating engaging content is a major challenge

Compared to salespeople, marketers tend to experience one more degree of separation from both current and potential customers. They put out advertisements, publish demand generation assets, and produce sales content. But often these are all experiences which keep them insulated from interacting personally with potential customers. Yes, event and account-based marketers will have more experience interfacing with sales-primed leads. But that experience is still lacking when compared to the entire funnel-facing experience of salespeople.

Unfortunately, this lack of direct experience can hurt marketers’ ability to create impactful sales content that will resonate with on-the-fence leads and drive sales.

How does this manifest in the real world? We found this sobering stat on the Sales for Life blog:

“87% of B2B marketers say creating engaging content is a major challenge while only 14% say their content marketing is very effective at delivering business value.”

You hear of salespeople complaining about the effectiveness of the sales content they get from Marketing. However, even marketers admit that they have a hard time creating content that is effective in producing sales-ready leads or closing the sale.

What if Sales was more integrated into the sales content creation process?

Salespeople are constantly on the phone or in meetings with customers. They are getting information about their challenges and needs right from the horse’s mouth. This fact makes salespeople an invaluable resource in producing powerful, sales-driving content. A resource that could give marketers a huge boost in providing content that closes.

It’s also worth noting that Sales needs Marketing as much as Marketing needs Sales. Sales may have the rich customer information that Marketing lacks, but marketing teams typically possess the skills and resources to organize and assemble that information into an irresistible package that prospects will love. This is an ability that salespeople often lack.

In short, if you hate your content and feel like it doesn’t add value to your sales efforts, maybe it’s time to call a sales-marketing huddle and begin creating relevant, sales-closing content together.

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