Does Your Sales Org Have the Data to Call an Audible?

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How does the timeliness and depth of your sales team’s data affect your ability to pivot and adapt to changes?

In their post the morning after Super Bowl 50, in which the Broncos beat the Panthers, CEB related quarterback Peyton Manning’s strengths to those of the best CFOs. But he might as well have been talking about the best sales organizations:

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Images”Manning is adept at surveying the field, spotting trends in defensive formations, and being flexible in how he directs his team to respond. He’s provided with a recommended play, but he resists the urge to run it if his analysis of the field suggests a different play would work better.”

We all believe in data, it’s power to give us a view of the activity on the field and to make effective, Manning-like audibles. And yet, among sales organizations, sometimes that data is still coming in too late and too piecemeal to help sales leaders adapt in time.

You might send out a piece of content to warm up a prospect, but you really don’t know what’s happening with that content until they reply (if they reply). It might be sitting in an inbox. It might have been received with great enthusiasm and shared with a decision-maker. They might have opened that ebook but bounced out after page 2. If you’re like most sales teams, you just don’t have any of this information.

And without this intel, you’re blind. You’re also stuck plodding forward with whatever play you called in the huddle, whether or not it matches current conditions on the field.

But all is not lost. Sales tools are emerging that make it easy not only for sales teams to share relevant content with their prospect but to see what happens to that content after they hit ‘send’. These tools let sales teams see if the content has been opened or shared, with whom it’s been shared, and how far into the content they go.

With this kind of data on hand, sales teams will be able to stop relying on email to see what’s happening with their prospects and be empowered to adapt to each prospect’s challenges.

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