Drive Customer Metrics with Demo Automation + Email Marketing

Drive Customer Metrics
[Updated October 18, 2023]

Let Demo Automation Drive Customer Metrics

For Marketers: you’re tired of relying on email open rates and click-through rates as your prime measurements of success. As I mention in my Avention post, “Impressions, website traffic, click through rate, conversions, and MQL’s are some of the go-to metrics that marketers use to measure success and set goals. However the issue with focusing solely on these metrics is that they’re still deeply disconnected from sales goals.” You need metrics that reflect the customer’s activity, quality, and progress. I present: customer metrics.

Customer metrics are focused on metrics such as Cost Per Acquisition, Lifetime Value and Churn. Both marketing and sales should be aligned on these metrics, and set goals around them. Combining demo automation with email marketing has been an incredibly powerful way for us at Consensus to collect and analyze these metrics. By using our personalized demo videos in our email campaigns, we’re able to increase lead conversion, pre-qualify leads, and arm our sales team with powerful insights into what these leads care about. This includes:

  • You don’t have to rely solely on click/open rates anymore. Using a demo automation platform’s powerful analytics allows you to track what happens after a click, so you can see how different email content affects the kind of prospect behavior you’re driving.
  • When a prospect engages with a demo you’re able to gain insight into what they care about most. This means you can deliver highly qualified leads with engagement details (interests, view time, sharing data, etc.) to your sales team.
  • A demo experience platform allows prospects to share a demo with their colleagues, so you can identify other potential decision makers and gain insights into what’s important to each member of the buying panel.

How to Use Video Demos and Product Tours in Email Campaigns

It’s a lot easier than you might think to include your best SaaS video demos  and interactive product demos in your email campaigns. In fact, it probably takes only a few steps in your sales demo environment to create a universal link that can go anywhere.

Once you’ve made a universal or public link, you simply attach to whatever call-to-action fits best with your campaign. Be sure to follow-up with testing and refinement to keep content from getting stale.

And presto, you’re done. Simple, right? Now learn how to boost demo views with social marketing.

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